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    It's hard to explain it. Been through it, you name it. The heartache and break and he shamed played that game, but I, couldn't seem to win. I started to think something was wrong with me, till I was finally introduced to happy. I made the greatest discovery of mankind. You define the existence of love, and I found it in you. Searched my whole life through, so rare but so true. The definition of love is you.
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[06 Jun 2022|12:07am]

"Pre-paid? What are you a drug dealer?"

JAVIER CARAZO [05 Jun 2012|12:11am]
NAME: Javier "Javi" Carazo PLAY-BY: Fernando Noriega APPARENT AGE: Early 20s BIRTHDAY: August 2 HOMETOWN: Bogota, Colombia CURRENT RESIDENCE: ETHNICITY: Colombian EDUCATION: High School OCCUPATION: Manager / Promoter at the The Harbor Club MARITAL STATUS: Single CHILDREN: N/A CONNECTIONS: Garci Cartel MINI-BIO: In miserable Botoga we set our scene, all eyes on the one child out of six in the Carazo family that did not quite match. Sometimes it was like being the ugly duckling, and sometimes it was like that "one of these things is not like the other" song. Out of the six Carazo kids, Javier was the fifth; his birth somehow squeezed in between the 4th and 6th children - the youngest of whom was born 7 months after him (which never made sense; except that it explained everything else). Bombings, kidnappings, shootings, and lynchings stole lives of all of his family but one of his siblings, the eldest. Rather than feeling mournful about each consecutive death that took away a family member, their deaths felt like the cutting of strings that weighed him down. Javier was an inherent gambler. At the age of four, he began betting with his siblings about who could run the fastest, who could get their mother to pick them up first if they started crying, who could win fights. It was a tick for Javier - the moment he thought about anything, he thought about how to turn it into a profit through gambling. Sometimes his bets were menial, and sometimes they tested fate and challenged death. Some bets had brought him to the edge of bankruptcy. He gambeled his way into getting a Visa, he used the money he earned through his bets to pay for the plane to Miami, every job he had so far he had gotten by making bets for people to help him out getting jobs at their place of work. He wins some, he loses some, and when he loses, he'll play till he's a winner again BEST TRAITS: Business smart (knows how to cut a deal), open-minded, has a naive look WORST TRAITS: Trouble finds him easily, smart-mouthed, gambler

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